Linens and Bags

When you think of customized printing projects with fabric, apparel often comes to mind, but don’t forget about linens and bags! These everyday items can be amazing opportunities to promote your organization.

At Quality Quick Print, we can produce a variety of custom-printed linens and bags.

Maybe you’re preparing for a golf outing. Perhaps you’re serving your church community. You could be planning a giveaway for your nonprofit. Maybe you’re exploring creative gifts to give your customers. Whatever your next project is, a customized bag or specialty fabric product may be just the thing to take it to the next level.

At QQP, we offer our customers personalized linens and bags using heat transfer, screen printing, or embroidery. Options include:

          ✓ Tote bags
          ✓ Drawstring bags
          ✓ Golf towels
          ✓ Specialty commemorative linens
          ✓ Soft-sided coolers
          ✓ ...and more!

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